The TIA (as seen by the programmer)

4.0 Color and Luminosity

Color and luminosity can be assigned to the background (BK), playfield (PF), ball (BL), player 0 (P0), player 1(P1), missile 0 (M0), and missile 1 (M1). There are only four color-lum registers for these 7 objects, so the objects are paired to share the same register according to the following list:

color-lum register Objects colored COLUMP0 P0, M0 (player 0, missile 0) COLUMP1 P1, M1 (player 1, missile 1) COLUMPF PF, BL (playfield, ball) COLUMBK BK (background)

For example, if the COLUMP0 register is set for light red, both P0 and M0 will be light red when drawn.

A color-lum register is set for both color and luminosity by writing a single 7 bit instruction to that register. Four of the bits select one of the 16 available colors, and the other 3 bits select one of 8 levels of luminosity (brightness). The specific codes required to create specific color and lum are listed in the Detailed Address List of the TIA hardware manual. As with all registers (except the strobe registers), the data written to them is latched until altered by another write operation.

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