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panky the panda:
quest for the unsevered penis

In this homebrew 16KB adventure game for the Atari 2600/VCS, you assume the role of Panky the Panda, on an epic quest to save your kidnapped brother from evil poachers who want nothing more than to chop off his you-know-what and sell it on the black market as an aphrodesiac.

Peace-loving though you may be, you're not just going to sit back and let that happen. Your goal is to jump your way around 120+ screens of the poachers' underground lair, collecting 6 keys and various other items needed to unlock doors and complete the quest to save your brother. The poachers' lair is packed with various minions as well as secret rooms disguised as unassuming walls, though, so stay on the lookout.

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In a world wracked with internecine tanks-falling-out-of-the-sky-in-the-desert warfare, you assume the role of tank commander, battling it out (inexplicably) against a friend or the computer in the middle of a low-res desert landscape, in this homebrew 4KB artillery shooting game for the Atari 2600/VCS.

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a very 2600 christmas

"Hey wouldn't it be cool if I could listen to Christmas music on my Atari 2600?" ...said no one ever! (except me), which is why I made this collection of 8 different Christmas songs to listen to on your Atari while you watch the pixellated snow fall!

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table tennis

One of the more obscure systems in video gaming history, the Entex Adventure Vision only ever had 4 games released for it during it's (very short) heyday. Which makes this homebrew 1 or 2 player classic paddle game's audience almost nonexistent!

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square raid

You are a flying square, raining death from above as you mercilessly carpet bomb evil enemy squares who will stop at nothing to shoot you down. Steel yourself for the challenge in this, the most action-packed, simplistic, monochrome-graphics game that can possibly be fit into 1 kilobyte of Javascript (IMHO).

(This game was whipped up by me as an entry in the JS1K contest a number of years back, and of course I quite predictably lost.)

Controls are W/A/D for up/left/right and B for bomb! Score appears in the upper left corner of the screen.


gamecube sopwith

This is a port I did of the classic DOS game 'Sopwith' to the Nintendo Gamecube & Wii. It's not quite as impressive an achievement as it sounds, though - it's really just a port of 'SDL Sopwith' by Simon Howard, which is itself a cross-platform port of the original CGA DOS game written by David L. Clark.

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A LEGO (R) utility program I wrote in Java. It allows you to open an LXF file (aka LEGO (R) Digital Designer Model file), then export an inventory of your parts into either CSV or XML format. By exporting in XML format, you can then upload your parts list onto their website and find used parts from their online distributors.

This application is not affiliated with or endorsed by The LEGO Group in any way, in case you were too dumb to figure that out on your own. :)